Commercial Brickwork in Medway
Expert Bricklaying Services - Types of Brick Bond Explained

The brickwork contractors at Viking Brickwork SE Ltd bond together high quality bricks with mortar. We create all types of patterns for commercial brickwork and domestic brickwork projects. We create durable and attractive brickwork as part of our first-rate bricklaying services. Our team helps with material sourcing and will create different patterns depending on each customer’s requirements for their property in Medway or any of the surrounding areas in Kent. We also construct durable retaining walls.


Bond Patterns

Some of the bond patterns we construct involve interlocking every row of bricks with the surrounding courses. Bricks that are simply stacked are more likely to topple or break however, if they have staggered joints, they are much stronger and more reliable. We create stable, structurally sound brick bond patterns that are visually stunning. Whether clients require brickwork for decorative needs or have load bearing requirements, our team will create a construction for every need. 

Types of Brick Bond

We offer the following types of brick bond:

  • Flemish Bond

  • English Bond

  • Stack Bond

  • Running and Common Bond

Flemish Bond

To create this type of brick bond, our brickwork contractors construct each course with alternating headers and stretchers. We centre the headers above and below a stretcher and our team starts every alternate course with a header in the corner. Headers are centred on a stretcher, above and below, and every alternate course begins with a header in the corner. 

English Bond

English bond is created with a combination of alternating stretcher and header courses. We lay these headers over the stretchers underneath. To ensure the bricklaying services we complete in and around Medway are finished to perfection, we take great care with every stage of the construction. For English bond we always make sure every alternate row is aligned vertically. 

Stack Bond

At Viking Brickwork SE Ltd, we can create stack bond for domestic brickwork and commercial brickwork projects. For stack bond patterns we create perfectly aligned stacked bricks. These are perfectly suited for decorative installations, opposed to features that provide structural support, such as retaining walls.

Running and Common Bond

We mainly use running bond for cavity wall construction. It is one of the most commonly used bonds and we create it with offset stretchers.  The common bond we construct is a variation of running bond, with headers typically appearing at the 5th, 6th and 7th courses.

We are also accomplished at completing quality block work, so we can offer block bond for a range of projects.

The team at Viking Brickwork SE Ltd are happy to talk with all customers and clients about their brick bond requirements. We can advise on all aspects of the commercial brickwork and domestic brickwork we undertake. Our brickwork contractors are also available to discuss the retaining walls and other specialist bricklaying services we provide in Medway and the other areas we cover throughout Kent.

For quality commercial brickwork and bricklaying services in Medway and all of the surrounding areas, please call Viking Brickwork SE Ltd on 07703 560384 today.
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