Domestic Brickwork in Maidstone
Benefits of Brickwork Contractors Creating Brick Extensions

The brickwork contractors at Viking Brickwork SE Ltd complete quality bricklaying services for commercial brickwork and domestic brickwork projects. Our team completes high quality extensions for customers and homeowners in Maidstone and the surrounding areas. We also construct retaining walls to ensure properties are structurally sound. By bringing in brickwork specialists for home extensions, customers can be guaranteed the quality of their structure. We can also help with design advice and can aid with material sourcing so we can best match your existing build.

Here, our team have listed a few of the many benefits of choosing brick to build your extension, including:

  • Visually Stunning

  • Thermal Benefits

  • Optimised Functionality


Visually Stunning

The quality bricks we use allow you to have more control over your building project. There is flexibility with their shape and bricks can be used in many ways to create a design that meets your personal taste. We also provide a range of colours and textures to fulfil your aesthetic requirements. Our team can also create a variety of attractive patterns so you can achieve your dream design. We can match the style of your existing home to create a cohesive extension that doesn’t feel like a disconnected addition.

Thermal Benefits

Brick provides excellent thermal regulation for builds, which means your Maidstone home will be at the right temperature all year round. A lot of other materials do not provide this quality, making brick the perfect material for your extension. Our brickwork contractors will use our bricklaying services to ensure you will not be put out by extreme weather conditions or overheated as you may be with a glass conservatory. We can create extensions as part of commercial brickwork and domestic brickwork projects so every client can be guaranteed a well-constructed installation. Brick is also sustainable, regulates the temperature and can save you costs on your utility bills. 

For those that need the structural integrity of their land improved, we also construct quality retaining walls.

Optimised Functionality

Brick is strong, durable and has an extremely long life span. This means your extension will stand the test of time and you can have peace of mind knowing your money wasn’t wasted on a new trend, or a simply attractive material that doesn’t last. The quality bricks our brickwork contractors use will add extra protection to homes. It is a much lower maintenance material than alternatives, which means rather than cleaning, you can spend your time enjoying your new space. 

The team at Viking Brickwork SE Ltd complete commercial brickwork and domestic brickwork to create customers’ dream builds. The specialist bricklaying services we provide in Maidstone and the other areas we cover throughout Kent improve all types of properties. We can answer any questions customers have about the work we undertake for extensions as well as the retaining walls, garden walls and other features we construct.

For brickwork contractors completing quality domestic brickwork in Maidstone and all of the surrounding areas, please call Viking Brickwork SE Ltd on 07703 560384 today.
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